Stress Overview

Would you believe that stress can hurt you? That outcome can be avoided.

Hello. I’m Mike and I’m a Stress Release Coach.

I do telephone coaching for High Performance individuals who need to get through their thoughts and focus on their Inner-power. In just ten minutes of telephone coaching, It is amazing what we can do together to get a Client from the paralysis of analysis to the confidence of a super star.

I can’t possibly talk to everybody who needs stress release now so I have created this multi-part common program so that the destructive energies of fear, stress and chaos can be controlled many ways. You can read this first part and then go to Part 2 for additional material.

It’s simple, it’s easy and YES you can do it.

Right from the start, I want you to think differently about stress.

Shifting your belief can net you an immediate 21% decrease in stress.

Can you imagine how great you would feel if you and everyone around in your daily activities had a 21% decrease in stress right now? WOW! Wouldn’t that be wonderful.

Belief in yourself is paramount. Rigidity can be crippling.

Like many of you, I always had to get things exactly right and
do things the exact right way and at the exact right time.

I still do that but when I feel the tension building up too much,
I just say “I’m done, Let’s approach things differently and do something else.”

I would like you to consider that also.
In the musical Annie there is a great song. “The sun will come out tomorrow.”

Please approach everything in a joyful way. Playfulness takes the edge off and allows you to be open to the greatness that life has to offer.

I invite you to smile and play and enjoy and at the same time become more productive. Knowing you have a choice is huge when it comes to stress.

Choice gives you the feeling of control that allows you to position yourself in alignment with the good that you want without sacrificing anything.

Choosing the timing of events minimizes stress and maximizes the potential outcome from every effort. When this is your constant natural way of coping, you will stay at the minimal level of stress and a maximum level of receptivity and productivity.

Notice that as you read this program with a feeling of choice, your stress is already diminishing.
Choose sections of this program that interest you most or go to Part 2. When you are relaxed you will instinctively choose the perfect sections that will benefit you. And when you feel complete, you are.

Choosing is fun and giving yourself permission is being respectful of yourself and thereby empowering.

This program is intended as a tool that you will be moved to share.

If you want to benefit others with this message of hope, tell everyone in your world about the book and they can begin to decrease some of your stress without you doing anything.

Here is the list of five ideas that I want to introduce in Part One of this program;

– The importance of WHEN your stress really started and how to find out.
– Highlighting the awesome power that you have to change your world.
– Sharing techniques to quickly release your stress.
– Helping you create a powerful loving environment for yourself.
– Equipping you with the knowledge that nothing has more power than your thought process  about it.

YES we have a lot to talk. Please see the drop down menu below the overview tab and the title tabs above.