Believe And Achieve It

Everything starts with the belief of the one that thinks the thought. Those wonderful thoughts can come at the most inconvenient times and especially when we are not ready to receive them. Write them down anyhow.

The thought is the seed from which the mighty project can grow. You never know how much that idea can mean in your life or the life of someone else. Many think that thoughts have little value but thoughts can also be messages from on high. Seeds from the farmer of the Universe that are planted to grow a harvest of blessings upon those that are loved.

But how can you know which is which. Don’t worry about it, just grab up what is sent and sort through it later. When we get the seed of an idea, we might know instantaneously that it is the idea of a lifetime that everybody has been looking for and I found it. WOW! Other ideas may take more time to hatch. It is OK either way.

If the seed has arrived and we have written it down and thought about it, at the right time we will know whether to release it or embrace its meaning.

If we embrace it, we need to believe it can be accomplished to unlock the blessing. For believing in it is the first step in manifestation. If we took a thousand actions but believed our project was doomed to fail, its success would be unlikely. Better we should take the first step in a project that we believe will succeed, Then we have started something that is likely to succeed. Our belief attracts the energy that lifts an idea into a Blessing. Belief is not heavy or expensive but it has great power. Believe in yourself first. Then, believe that you can be a blessing to others and do it.
Believe it to achieve it.