At certain times of year, many fall into depression as events trigger memories of past circumstances or holidays.

In every new day there are many opportunities to reevaluate our past and choose a new path for our future. These can be as simple as changing your mind. I encourage all who have depression to seek an appropriate level of support. If you are out of control, there is little choice but to seek the council of Medical, Psychological and/or Spiritual professionals.

If you are in control and limited with resources, self help can be beneficial.. Getting the right idea which leads to a change of mind can dramatically influence the quality of your life.

This is not the time to hide, another source of help is the clergy outside your faith.

Go to a church or synagogue and ask for counseling and see what they say.

One answer to depression is to change the thought paralysis that has griped your mind. Challenge yourself to find a fulfilling future.