Getting Prayer Right

Learn about Scientific Prayer or what I would describe simply as structured personal prayer. Because it is personal, it is focused.

A medical analogy would be going to specialist rather than a general practitioner. A hardware analogy would be the use of the best tool for the task before you.

Read about Religious science, Unity, Science of Mind, Teachings of the Inner Christ, Teaching of Intuitional Metaphysics, and Divine Revelation. Some Fabulous books on the subject are “Being a Christ”, “Divine Revelation”, and “Miracle Prayer”

Prayer “DO”s 

These are my recommendations:

Start your prayer session with thanksgiving.

Pray in the present tense because what you are praying for already exists and you want it to manifest where you are.

Pray with specificity.

Pray with the belief that it will be productive.

PUSH – Pray Until Something Happens 
ASAP – Whenever whatever comes to mind , say a prayer about it. Always Say A Prayer.

Stay focused during your prayer or stop.

Pray because you want to. 

Be candid with yourself. God already knows your truth.

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