Let It Out!

Your Fury Must Surface!

The pressure needs to be released!

If your insides are tied in a knot once again because you can’t cope with the reality of how you feel in a world that feels differently then it is time for you to get real and deal with it.

It may seem like there is only one way to handle it and that is absolutely wrong. There are always many variations between the polar opposites of dealing with it and not.

The important thing is to take some action to shift yourself from the perspective that enrages you.

Step one is just to be clear as to what you feel and why. Some people can benefit from writing their feelings down. Other people might be concerned that their writing might be read by someone and then their secret is out of the bag and they will be humiliated. To avoid that concern, you could write about your problem under an assumed name. LABEL IT WITH A FICTITIOUS NAME.  _________’S PROBLEM IS ___________. S/he could benefit from ____________.

Transference of feelings to paper can be very helpful in settling the mind so thinking outside limiting beliefs is possible. Reframing your thoughts can shift your view from all the problems to all the possibilities.

For ideas, check out the sections on  “Getting Unstuck Now!” and the “Technique for the Eliminations of Limitations.”