Pain And Hurt

© Claire Bousfield (South Australia)  – Printed with Permission

Pain suffers physically.

Hurt suffers emotionally.

Pain can wear down the body.

Hurt wears down the emotions.

Pain heals all wounds through realization of being Human.

Hurt perpetuates feelings that expound others’ inadequacies.

Pain realizes that the body is a precious treasure.

Hurt heals only when the heart realizes there is no physical pain.

Pain reaches for means to protect the body.

Hurt reaches for excuses to protect itself.

Pain allows strengths to manifest.

Hurt only serves itself.

Pain states to the body “Yes, I hurt.”

Hurt says, “I am sorry for myself. Please help me.”

Pain says, “I can heal or I can choose not to heal.”

Hurt says, “I can heal but I choose not to.”

Pain therefore may be only transient despite what the body feels.

Hurt can be permanent.

Pain is not an emotion.

Hurt is emotion-filled pain.

Pain can become emotional dependency.

Hurt is dependent on continuing the emotion.

Pain can heal.

Hurt can heal.