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Pray Today!

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Prayer Contracts

Persistence Prevails

Many people expect fast food type results from prayer. It doesn’t work that way.

When you want events to change and are committed to making a change, you need to bring persistence to your efforts so that the benefits of a disciplined approach are realized.

Simply stated, you need to contract with yourself that you will approach the Divine possibilities as a regular and deliberate pursuit.

Decide that you will pray a prayer for a fixed length of time and decide how you will do that.

If you tire of prayer or lack discipline, you may wish to subcontract the prayer duties. There are many religious societies that offer Prayer card enrollments where the person named is received as a member of their society and benefit from their Prayers or Masses.

You may also approach a Prayer Therapist, a minister or other individual who is persistent and deliberate about prayer and ask to be added to their list and also ask if they could take on a special interest of yours on a contract basis. They may indicate that the person is included in their prayers. That is not the answer that you want. You want extra personal service.

Persistence is the goal. You want an advocate. Hire one for a fixed time. Be precise about what the prayer effort will be, for how long and what the payment will be and when. The effort should not be on a contingent basis. You are not hiring God, you are engaging someone to pray on your behalf.