When Your Stress Started

The importance of WHEN your stress really started and how to find out.

Let’s consider for a moment that our memory is a huge video recorder which records the events of our lives. We can then see the possibility that somewhere there could be a glitch in the tape or a blip in the DVD that causes everything else to be slightly off from that point forward.

Something like that can happen to us. Finding the time of the cause has helped me to assist a number of people to connect with their “old” yet current stressors and revisit their energetic charge on an experience. When we can approximate the time and cause of the stress, there is a lot more perspective about how to approach the release and find the peace.

The time of the Cause can be found a number of ways. I use Dowsing and Reiki as my methods and I find it absolutely amazing when in a couple of minutes I say “ what happened when you were ___ years old.” And the person says “Oh nothing” and then their mental wheels crank and their face shows recognition and they begin an internal healing process. Their secret is still safe as they reexamine their situation. If they wish, I can help them with energy blockage pullouts to accelerate the release.

You can ask the same questions that I do and find the answers through meditation and/or prayer. Check Part 2 for the process of narrowing that I use. It will be called the “Age of Cause”
Knowing when your original stressor started is a huge benchmark for future reference.