A Powerful Loving Environment For Yourself.

To Help you Create a powerful loving environment for yourself, options would Include:
1. Romancing your spouse.
2. Spending time with your kids.
3. Spend time with your birth family including parents, sisters, brothers.
4. Spend time with your extended family.
5. Participate/Volunteer in community organizations and events.
6. Yap with a friend on the phone. Talking is a powerful way of expressing yourself and releasing pent up stress.
7. Visit the sick and elderly.
8. Visit the children in Children’s Hospital and schools.
9. Play with your pets.
10. Do what makes your Heart sing:
a. Spa time, Hair dresser etc.
b. Get a Massage or Bodywork
c. Take a mental health day.
d. Paint / write / sculpt / dream / compose / meditate / pray/visualize / plan / Garden
11. Learn self help techniques like:
a. Reiki –God’s Great Gift is a Laying on of Hands as referenced in the Bible and much more. Learn it in a weekend and use it for life.
b. Emotional Freedom Technique helps you take charge of your anxieties, fears and phobias by tapping on your energy meridians. It can easily be self-applied in a moment of emotional crisis.
c. IETor Integrated Energy Therapy – A powerful system which invites Angelic Support, the peace that brings and a procedure that helps you Heartlink with Angels and humans. There is nothing like having an angel help you. Invite your favorite Angel into your life on a recurring basis. If you have trouble making the connection, ask me to share the Heartlink process during your next telephone session with me. With IET, you can get the issues out of your tissues and release the trauma without reliving the drama.
12. Be responsible for yourself.
It is important to remember that you are not responsible for anyone else. Your first duty is to your own self. While you can nurture and support others, you need to recognize that your first priority is your own health and healing .
For more ideas about creating a nurturing environment go to Part 2.