Knowledge Has Power Over Stress

Equip yourself with the knowledge that nothing has more power than your thought process about it.

The inclination is to be fearful of challenges because they trigger all the anxiety and limitations of life. I encourage you to be totally disrespectful of fear. I invite you to realize that the playful self can be a whole lot more effective in problem solving. God has a sense of humor. S/he created all of us. As you go forward, see how easy everything becomes when you are light about it. After all, it is said that Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly. I don’t know whether you can fly but I do know that with the right attitude, you can soar to new heights in your personal achievements. It is ok to fail as long as you are learning and growing.. Your inner wisdom will always tell you to love, comfort, nurture and heal the self. In order to do this you must, first and foremost, BELIEVE in yourself,

Be prepared to laugh at yourself. When things happen that are bothersome, you might laugh or you might cry. Laughter is the better option because it diffuses the energy in a very positive way. Yes, there are times for sorrow but too many people wallow in sadness when it simply is unproductive. Even in times of the loss and sorrow of losing a loved one, we can find laughter and solace in the joy that we remember from their gift to us that was called their life. Grief is a normal reaction to loss and when we are ready, laughter is the way to celebrate the life that enhanced ours. Remember when they said or did that thing that was so great.

After appreciating their gift to your life, remember to appreciate your life.

Look in the mirror and see God’s creation.

Aren’t you beautiful. Even if you don’t think so, God does.
Besides being beautiful, you are perfect. You are the perfect you.
And you also have many choices. If you would like to polish the Diamond that you are,
Start by releasing any thought that no longer serves you. Pay attention to the words that you react to as as they spring in to your mind.

Do you like the thoughts that say things like:
You are ugly?
You are fat?
You are stupid?
You are worthless?
You are useless etc?

A great man named Jose Silva taught a concept simply called “Cancel Cancel”. The idea is whenever you say something that you do not wish to keep or attract, you simply say “Cancel Cancel” which programs your other than conscious mind to ignore and eliminate that saying from your present and future reality.

Many people go through life believing negative programming put there by others. To complicate things, some people also put negative things there themselves. Your mind is like a computer. If you don’t like the program, replace it



What Programs would you like to replace in your life?
Make it so.
Polish the diamond that you are.
You have so much potential.
You are wonderful.
Listen to what you say and be ready to say “Cancel Cancel”
I really hope that you appreciate yourself.
Taking charge is a huge step forward.

There is so much more that I want to share with you But please go away from this part of the program knowing Five Important Things:

1. You can find out when your stress started.
2. You can change your world.
3. You can release your stress.
4. You can create a powerful loving environment for yourself.
5. Your Knowledge is your power.

Thanks for visiting.

Please continue your journey to Peace and Freedomt .