The Awesome Power You Have

The awesome power that you have to change your world.

You have been dealt a hand in life. If you are not Royalty, You may not like it.

If you don’t like it, Get Real and Change the Deal

Drop the “’T” off “I can’t” and make it “I can”

It’s your life, you are in charge and you are the dealer
Shuffle the cards and begin to play within your own rules.

But how you say – “Can I change things?”
That’s simple:
You change things by thinking about them differently.

Start walking on the path to Release.
Acknowledge how you feel.
Undo the lock that stress has on you by owning your feelings and asking for help.
Who do you ask?

You may wish to say “God Help Me change.”
You may not. Some people understand about God, whoever and whatever you believe God to be, and others just don’t.
I believe that you can change things a lot easier with God’s help but That is not for everyone so I cover many techniques. You always have a choice in life even when it feels that you do not.

When you want to change your life, I suggest that you tap in to the awesome power of your own mind.

You can take action now.
You can decide to make things different now.
Now is the time to make things as different as you choose.

Frequently when you are encouraged to change, the next sentence is a commercial for toothpaste, deodorant or something else. The good news is, you can change without buying a bunch of products.

In Part 2, I have listed some great authors that have the information to start you on the right path. I recommend that you visit the full list. Some of the authors are Louise Hay, Abraham Hicks, Wayne Dyer, Brian Tracy, DeePak Chopra, Andrew Weil, Dr. OZ, Dr. Ian Gawler, Petrea King and many other self-help authors. Their ideas are powerful.

As you go through the books and your options in life, let your heart be your guide. Use your heart like a compass to find the path to your highest good.

Many know that books and tapes have the answers to many of their problems. The thing that is little understood is that reading and listening aren’t enough. Reading and listening gets you the concepts that you need to use but then YOU and you alone must activate, do, plan, strive, struggle, create and in some manner manifest the action necessary to bring the answers to life.