Those violent tendencies or thoughts that may be persistent are not to be avoided. They are about emotional pain that is crying out for attention. The intensity of their presence allows you to know the importance of taking action now.

If you feel that you are totally out of control, you would be wise to seek a medical, psychological or spiritual consultation.

If you feel that you are still in control, you can start dealing with that pain. Begin by finding the “Age of Cause” – the age at which you felt the hurt from which the pain grew. Going to that age in reflection can help you connect with what it is that caused the pain and release it.

If you have acted upon your violent thoughts and hurt other people or creatures then it is important that you make amends. Making amends can seem difficult because sometimes the person or creature is no longer with us. It is still important to declare your regrets by sending apologetic loving thoughts toward the spirit of the one that we wronged. Doing so has a byproduct of allowing our own selves to feel forgiven because we have now done the right thing to make up for our transgressions.

You can’t change History. Taking responsibility and doing what is right can have a wonderful healing dynamic and create a wonderful Now. Love is the answer to many of our problems. When you send out enough love, some actually sticks with you and much more comes back.

Yesterdays violent thoughts can lead the way to a beautiful tomorrow in which many will be blessed by the lessons that you have learned and shared. You lived your life for a reason and you can now help others. When love is your way, God’s blessing will stay.

Blessed be you AND SO IT IS!